Halloween Special: Spooky, Terrifying Fake Tattoos. Part Two.

We love to wear temporary tattoos every single day of the year, but we are aware some other people need a special occasion, an excuse, to decorate their skin. And Halloween is one of those dates when one dares to try new things.

I’m sure you are already thinking about the enormous possibilities to use these beautiful and scary tattoos to enhance your costume this Halloween, but if you are short of ideas we will love to guide you on this tortuous path.

This is the second batch of ideas to improve your Halloween attire and makeup with temporary tattoos, so take a look at the first article if you want to see more enhanced Halloween costumes thanks to our fake tattoos.

Let's get into trouble.


Hearts & Skulls Tattoos

What would Halloween be without a few skulls and bloody hearts? Christmas? Carnival? That's not what we are looking for.

We know that a good heart is a prized snack for zombies although rumours say brain is their favorite appetizer. Vampires also appreciate a good ventricle; the better the heart, the better blood circulates through the veins... And there is nothing they like more than a full glass of freshly squeezed blood!


Then there are the skulls, ideal for any occasion, and perfect to enhance any Halloween costume. At Tempo Tattoo, we have several types of skulls, some dark and realistic and some others fun and color. Both are terrifying, though, when combined with the right clothing and Halloween makeup.


Dark Eye Tattoo

This imposing and inscrutable eye knows all your secrets and can see beyond your fears. For us, it is the perfect accessory to your steampunk, futuristic, apocalyptic costume. Although we also "see" many possibilities to recreate your favorite character from some dystopian science fiction story

Or maybe it is also an ideal tattoo for those enigmatic fortune tellers, sorceresses, who see everything, especially your dark future. A third -and giant- eye could be of great help.

Here are just a few ideas, now you just have to think about where you are going to place it and open your eyes wide to see all you can do with it.

 031 Eye WEB Design TEMPO TATTOO 2
 Eye Temporary Tattoo Halloween Costume
 Steampunk Costume
 Fortune Teller Costume
Photo by Robert Martinez (Steampunk) & Sue Cro (Fortune Teller)

Werewolf & The Wolf Tattoo

This character it's a Halloween classic and has its roots in Greek mythology. But you don't need to worry, Hollywood has taken over updatd the myth to adapt it to our days.

You can find terrible and bloodthirsty werewolves, but also shy teenagers with flirting problems in high school. No matter what, the myth keeps its interest intact: wild, untamed, uncontrollable, fearsome... and very attractive. Perhaps these qualities represent you, and you want to wear our cool wolf fake tattoo with your werefolf original costume. 

There are plenty of ideas in Youtube: you can get a mask or, if you are good at makeup, paint a few wolfish features on your face, while adding some furry ears. A leather jacket, a torn T-shirt, and jeans will do the rest. We have our very own modernized version of the werefolf. How do you like it?


Enigmatic Owls Tattoo 

Perhaps these two owls are one of the least fearsome fake tattoo designs in our entire Halloween special, but on the other hand they are the most mysterious animals in our catalog. They are a symbol of wisdom, patience and mystery, but also stealthy and expert hunters.

Owls were always good companions for known wizards like Merlin. Although they became even really famous thanks to the Harry Potter saga, in which they played a possibly unworthy role for such amazing birds.

But you don't have to dress up as an owl to wear this great owls temporary tattoo. It would be perfect with your wizard or sorcerer costume, of course, but also if you dress up as Harry Potter or any of the characters from the J. K. Rowling books. No need to say it is valid for both children and adults. This is our proposal.


In this post you have seen some of the ideas that our sick minds have thought for this Halloween —I hope you liked them!—, but surely you have your own. And we would love to see them! If you dare to buy one of our temporary tattoos, don't forget to share it with us!

You are warned.


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