Get a FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!

Get a FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!

About the Collection

While it's very difficult to choose a winner among our carefully curated tattoo collections, Ephemeral Jewelry is without doubt one of our precious gems. 

And not only because it has been thought and created by Belen Cosmea, one of the founders of Tempo Tattoo, but because the pieces on this tattoo set have been designed employing real textures, of real mineral materials used in craft jewelry. Emerald and Ephemeral are not so different after all.

Additionally, what's unique about this collection is that it allows you to combine its stylish texture-based shapes as you want, to create unrepeatable jewelry-like tattoo designs on your skin. Because every day it's a different story and every story deserves its own, unprecedented look.

The Shapes

Ephemeral Jewelry II

From €7,90

Ephemeral Jewelry III

From €7,90

Ephemeral Jewelry I

From €7,90

How does it work?

Using Ephemeral Jewelry is so easy, and it only takes a couple minutes —and a pair of scissors— to be ready and shining. Of course it's everything explained step by step on the fancy instructions, but let us show you how it works!

#1 - Cut the pieces

The first step —after opening the package, of course!— is to cut the tattoo pieces you'll need for your design. You can use just one for a just discreet touch, or multiple elements for a more complex composition —that only depends on you!—. And that's the magic of Ephemeral Jewelry, you can use it several times, and each time it's going to be unique!

#2 - Prepare your composition

This is an optional step, although we recommend to follow it. Our most experienced users apply them directly to their skin —you'll be able to do that when you get used to it!— but we believe it's better to pre-arrange your composition on a plain surface just to see how it will look like! The one on the image it's just an example, but the options are limitless!

#3 - Apply to your skin

You've got your composition ready and it's time to make the magic happen. Remove the protective plastic from each piece and place them face down, with the ink touching your skin, replicating your chosen design. They'll remain in place —slightly stuck— waiting for you to apply some water with a sponge or towel. Water will fix your composition and you will only need to remove the back cover to unveil your new, unique jewel for the next few days!


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