Get a FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!

Get a FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!FREE TATTOO 🎁 on every order!


Of course, otherwise we would not be selling them! In addition, all our temporary tattoos have been manufactured and tested in the European Union, complying with all regulations related to cosmetic products.
Applying our temporary tattoos is super easy. You only need a sponge (or towel) and a little bit of water. We have prepared detailed instructions for you to obtain a perfect result. For more information visit our how to use page.
Our temporary tattoos may last up to 10 days. Most of them, in regular wearing conditions, will look great for about 3-5 days.
Yes, they can be easily removed. The most common method is to rub your skin with a little bit of alcohol and they will disappear in seconds.

We don't know of anyone who ever wanted to remove one of our Tempo Tattoos, though!


In brief, we try to ship all orders in less than 24 hours and we deliver worldwide!

For more information about shipping prices and estimate delivery times you can visit our shipping and returns page.
Yes, we do. If you are not happy, neither are we.

For more information about our returns policy, please refer to our returns policy.


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