Boo! Enhance your Halloween Costume with a Tempo Tattoo

It’s that time of the year again. Your favourite festivity in the annual calendar yes, we are talking about Halloween! is around the corner. Once more, and despite the weirdness of the year, we are about to see that lovely mix of skeletons and candies, malefic witches and innocent kids, tricks and treats, and so on.

Chances are you already have your costume ready. Actually, maybe you've already spent a few hours working on it. Or perhaps you are one of those who leaves everything to the last minute —we feel you!—. Either way, the most important thing is to have huge fun... and spread some frights around!

At Tempo Tattoo we want to help you to make the most creepy, yet stylish costume in town. Have you thought of wearing a Halloween temporary tattoo? You should! It may be the final touch you are looking for. Think of some dreadful (fake) spiders running all over your face, or lushing red roses flowering above your chest, or some more classic skulls or bloody hearts. (Yes, we have all these!)

Still undecided? Up for some awesome ideas on how to use temporary tattoos for your Halloween costume? Keep reading.

Halloween Selected Tattoos

Dreadful Red Rose Tattoo

Let us introduce this beautiful, voluptuous, innocent red rose tattoo. But don't be fooled by its harmless appearance: its bloody color may be hiding some dangerous message…


This red rose is the perfect accessory if you are going to dress up —for example— as the Catrina Skull, the Mexican iconic character. Actually,  that was our inspiration for this image. You can let it bloom on your chest, back, or any other spot for an always astonishing, frightening result.

Just thinking… It'd also be the perfect companion if you're going to dress up as Winona Rider's character in Beetlejuice, the sweet goth Lydia Deetz, in her dramatic red wedding dress.

And don't forget about the great Morticia Addams. Her elegance and demeanor are certainly on a par with her sharp black humor and fine sarcasm. A lush red rose will make your blood-red lips stand out even more against your pale complexion.


Frightening Pink Rose

We can't forget the paler and more crystalline version of our beautiful rose. Its pink and white tones fit perfectly with another of the most popular costumes on Halloween: the corpse bride, especially if you opt for Victorian-inspired clothing. Undoubtedly that rose was part of the bouquet of such an unfortunate lady...


Spooky Dotted Skull Tattoo

This skull is not what it seems… Its little colouring dots shine like gemstones, but don't be fooled by its opulent semblance: it’s cold and ruthless like ice. It would perfectly fit your Ice Evil Queen magnificent costume, don't you think?

But our beloved skull could be a fantastic addition to your killer nurse costume, as we see in so many horror movies and series like American Horror Story. 


Halloween Black Crow Tattoo

Clearly, one of the most inspiring temporary tattoos in our catalog when it comes to enhancing your Halloween costume. You don’t believe it? Let’s explore some ideas...

Can you imagine the magnificent Malefica without her loyal servant Diaval, the crow-man? Neither do we. So let your imagination fly and think about the right spot in your skin for such a dark temporary tattoo.

But she is not the only character strongly related to these enigmatic birds. You may remember the unfortunate story of the film The Raven, whose protagonist died under strange circumstances during the filming. Anyway, it's one of our top picks for this Halloween… if you have the courage to challenge your luck.


And we couldn't forget witches and evil magicians, who would happily embrace this black crow tattoo in their skin.

And we couldn't forget about Raven, the confused teenage member of the Titans, whose almost infinite powers undoubtedly make us fear a terrible

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Other Creepy Tattoos

Firearm Tattoo

We don't normally bring guns to work, unless they are in the form of a temporary tattoo. And we thought our "Firearm" design could give some play this Halloween.

For example, to use it in combination with a Joker costume. Batman's supervillain never disappoints. We don't feel attracted by his madness and personality; his deranged clown smile, his rabidly brightly colored suit, his bombastic gestures are also charming. If you dress up as the Joker, you can't do it without your gun.


But you don't need to go to the world of superheroes and supervillains to find inspiration. If you are a fan of the Peaky Blinders series, you can make yourself a fantastic costume with a gray cap and an old tweed coat… and your pistol, of course.

He is not the only lovely murderer around there, though... Keanu Reeves in John Wick is another of those characters that can be represented with a relatively simple costume. Can you imagine our friend John without his gun? No problem, our temporary tattoo comes to the rescue.


Creepy Spiders Tattoo

Do you suffer from arachnophobia, too? Does your entire body prickle with only hearing the word? Yeah, we are there also, and that’s what makes this Tempo Tattoo so special.

Let’s suppose you are brave enough to overcome your deeper fears. In that case, we can guarantee you these realistic spider temporary tattoos will be a fantastic accessory to your Halloween costume


If you're planning to wear a Spider's Queen costume or merely a witch costume, some adorable spiders will be perfect. Put them over your face, arms, or any visible spot on your body. And be ready to impress with your creepy look.

Up for more designs?


Now you have plenty of additional ideas for this Halloween to use our temporary tattoos. If you use them, don't forget to tag your photos with the hashtag #mytempotattoo. We can't wait to terrify our networks with your spooky costume!