Wedding tattoos

Are you getting ready for your wedding? Congratulations! We are pretty sure it will be one of the most exciting and beautiful days of your life.

We know that organizing an event like this takes huge amounts of work (and some occasional headaches!). You certainly want your wedding to be truly special and unique, and probably you want it to reflect not only your commitment but also how you are, what your world is like. It is a unique occasion to generously share and celebrate your love with those who are part of your life, in one sense or another.


That day, all eyes will be on you, and what to wear is one of the most difficult decisions: are you up for a classic style wedding dress or you prefer something more daring and original?

And you have guessed right, we are about to sell our book. Yes, temporary tattoos have been a trend in weddings all over the world during the last few years, and they may also help you to express what you want to tell the world on this very special occasion.


Although in some cultures the temporary tattoo (such as Henna tattoo) is part of the tradition in the celebration of this type of rites (India, Morocco, etc.), today it has spread to other countries, where this kind of non-permanent artwork is seen as a unique and very personal symbol of the couple or the event.

This is a day in which you can allow yourself a lot more fantasy in your outfit than you would on a regular day at the office. Covering your shoulders and arms with flowers, for example, can be the touch that makes an ordinary wedding dress look amazing. Or you can both wear a tattoo hidden from the sight of others, like a little secret that you will reveal at night...


You can try numerous combinations: apply the same flower or mix them out, cut and join the designs to create your own compositions, put on just a discreet touch, or cover your entire back taking advantage of that beautiful neckline that forms your dress... There are a thousand options and the only limit is your imagination.

Also, do you know what can be a lot of fun? Extend some temporary tattoos to your guests! We already tried that, and grandma turned out to be the most creative in the room! 


We are aware that you may not like the (awesome) tattoos that you can find in our store, but that is not a problem. If you want something really special we can design and produce custom temporary tattoos, created exclusively for your wedding. Just contact us through our contact form and we will work this out for you. 


And here are a few ideas, although I'm sure you can think of a thousand more. Oh! And if you finally decide to wear some of our temporary tattoos on your wedding day, don't forget to send us a couple of pics. It will make us incredibly happy to know we contributed to celebrate your love in slightly more fun, yet stylish way!

Now we can only wish you a very, very special day for both of you and a life full of happiness together. This is just the beginning!



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