Got a date? Surprise your partner with a temporary tattoo

Welcome to the wonderful world of dating!

Nowadays, meeting a stranger is easier than ever, so is having a disastrous date. That is why making a good (first) impression is truly decisive. Unfair? Probably, but such is life...


Having said that, you don't need to worry. Here we are to give you some ideas to make you look amazing on that romantic date. Although our best advice will always be to be yourself —there is nothing sexier than feeling comfortable in your own skin—, you can definitely pump your beauty a little bit with one of our temporary tattoos.

One of the first decisions you can make when getting a temporary tattoo could be whether you want it to be visible now… or at the end of the night. 


You will undoubtedly attract attention if you wear it over your shoulder, on the back, on your ankles or subtly peeking through the neckline of your dress. But if you reserve it for a more hidden corner of your skin, it can be an unexpected and sensual surprise for your partner.

One of the advantages of temporary tattoos is that you can adapt them to your style, whatever it is that night, without committing to something forever...

Elegant and feminine? Try some flowers going up your back.


Wild and independent? Our Firearm is sure to excite your date's imagination.


Dance until dawn at your favorite music festival? Try Odd Geometry, Paranoid Circles or even our Toilet Paper or UFO & Cow if you want to give it a more crazy and fun touch.


Cultural appointment with a visit to the most groundbreaking art gallery followed by dinner at the trendy restaurant? Do not hesitate, any of the Ephemeral Jewelry designs will fit you perfectly.


You can also invite him to dinner at home, share one of our tattoos for couples like Colorful Hearts and propose that each one wear theirs in a secret place, which you will have to discover later. Well, you can imagine how the game continues;)

Do you understand now why we are excited about the possibilities —romantic or not— of our temporary tattoos? And we are sure that you will have many more fun, sexy and very original ideas in your head, waiting to be brought to reality.


Whatever the tattoo you choose, we hope you spend a good time with your date. Oh! And don’t forget to share a photo of your enhanced (fake) look with us. We will keep your little secret.



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