Temporary tattoos at summer festivals, a booming trend

Music festivals are the perfect setting to let our imagination run wild and unleash our festive spirit. Every year, millions of attendees gather to enjoy the music, the vibes and the company of friends and strangers in a unique and unforgettable experience.

While colorful outfits and accessories have always been an integral part of the festival experience, in recent times an artistic trend has gained ground and become the perfect complement to a truly original look: temporary tattoos.

And we know a little about that since we have been there applying tattoos, there, live, so many times.

Stand Tempo Tattoo

Why temporary tattoos at festivals? The short answer is that they are a fun and exciting way to add an artistic touch to your festival look without making a lifetime commitment. Some people are hesitant to get permanent tattoos, either for fear of pain or for the permanence of the design, and this is where temporary tattoos become the ideal option. They allow you to experiment with different designs, styles and placements without any risk.

Additionally, temporary tattoos are an incredibly versatile means of self-expression. At festivals, creativity flows freely and temporary tattoos become a way to get that festive energy onto your skin. From nature-inspired designs to geometric patterns and tribal symbols, the possibilities are endless. Even abstract elements and unique artistic compositions find their place in this explosion of creativity.

Top Tattoos at Summer Festivals

We have already been to some festivals putting tattoos and, if you don't know which one to choose, we can suggest some of the most popular ones. 

  • Abstract & Geometric Tattoos: Festivals are places where the imagination runs wild, and abstract and psychedelic tattoos reflect that spirit of freedom and creativity.

⬆️ Example: Odd Geometry

  • Floral Tattoos: They are undoubtedly the kings of the crown. Floral tattoos are one of the most demanded in all kinds of events, including music festivals. They go well with everything. In the photo you can see the "Rose with Thorns" tattoo, in a design which has been extracted, then adapted from a classic 17th century painting.

⬆️ Example: Rose With Thorns

  • Golden tattoos: Gold stands out on brown skin and, since festivals are held mainly in summer, these models are among the most in demand.
  • Classic Black Tattoo: Many people choose classic tattoos in black. They might not get a permanent tattoo, but they flirt with it at a festival, knowing it's fleeting. For some reason, this year this old school heart tattoo was the most demanded design.

⬆️ Example: Realistic Heart

  • Unique compositions: Temporary tattoos can be combined, creating complex, unique and unrepeatable designs, ideal for standing out at increasingly crowded summer festivals.

Although temporary tattoos are temporary in nature, the impact they have on the festival experience can be long lasting. More and more people choose to carry with them a tangible memory of those magical moments they experienced at a festival, and the “fake tattoo” becomes a small ephemeral work of art, encapsulating the joy and fun of the occasion.

Ultimately, temporary tattoos are an affordable, creative and exciting styling option to add a distinctive touch to your appearance at festivals, concerts and any other occasion.

Whether it's a spiritual design, an abstract composition or a floral motif, these tattoos will allow you to express your individuality and get into the festive spirit with an explosion of color and art on your skin. So the next time you prepare to attend a festival, don't hesitate to explore our catalog of temporary tattoos and awaken your most creative self!

Credit: Header photo by Anthony DELANOIX.

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