Obtén un TATUAJE GRATIS 🎁 con cada pedido!TATUAJE GRATIS 🎁 con cada pedido!

Obtén un TATUAJE GRATIS 🎁 con cada pedido!TATUAJE GRATIS 🎁 con cada pedido!

Antique Art, Back on Track

You probably already know that. We love art. We love all kinds of art. And museums, too! Of course we also love them —they have tons of art besides the air conditioning!—, but let's be honest, they have locked up their artworks for too long! And now we want our share.

Forgotten Artworks 

Throughout history, there have been countless painters, illustrators, artists whose work has not transcended. Many of their artworks are still stored in some dark, ignored warehouses, waiting for a chance to impress.

At Tempo Tattoo we honestly believe that they deserve another chance. For obvious reasons, we cannot have them all here, but we have been able to "rescue" some ancient pieces —mainly, but not exclusively, from the private collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam— and give them a new, promising life.


Some of these carefully selected artworks are quite old —some date from the 16th century!—. That's why they require some touch-ups, and further adaptation to make it to these days.

Some need meticulous edition, while others just require some cutting or coloring. We always try to keep the essence of the original artwork, although in some cases maybe we went a little too far. But what the heck, we are creatives after all!


Into Wearable Art

As a result, we get these rare, lovely temporary tattoos that last up to 10 days —they can be easily removed, though!— and can be used in so many different ways.

You can use them as you want or for whatever you want; alone or mixed up; for special occasions or for your daily chores; alone at home or shared with friends; combined with your shirt, with your earrings, or with your hair color. You can even create your very unique, unrepeatable compositions on your skin.

But no matter what you do, you will wear a little bit of almost forgotten art glued to your skin.

That's What We Do

(Among other things)

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